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immersion cooling approach

liquid Immersion cooling approach

Using liquid immersion cooling represents being more efficient with less cost by applying the same amount of IT.

Industry challenges drive to change cooling systems and adapt them to be much more efficient and sustainable.

Depending on the type of immersion cooling will have a different impact on the entire system as well as the design and redundancies of the system. They are still closed systems in extremely controlled environments without which there is a drastic internal vacation in temperatures. The liquid will remain at the same temperature as approved in the designs and this results in a much higher thermal efficiency than with other systems. The implementation of an immersion cooling system in many aspects is a challenge for companies because:

  1. The part of the knowledge, as well as training, is a fundamental and necessary aspect.
  2. Relationships and synergies to be established with the company that will adopt this system.  It will be a long-term relationship. This will only be an advantage for both companies.
  3. A new sustainable approach will have to be developed by calculating the real impact of the system in order to extract the relative data. How efficiently it has been designed and how efficiently it has been designed.

In the long run, and even in the short run, this method is more efficient, economical and sustainable. There is no standard market system, but some companies can design systems tailored to each project and company.

The difference with traditional systems is that it eliminates the specific requirements of all the systems that will integrate the installation, whether for edge data centersenergy storage, or crypto mining. Immersion cooling provides much more flexibility through electrical load distribution, cooling circuits, and inverter tank design. The conjunction of all these elements makes it a much more favorable environment for elites and hardware. 

In general terms this can be translated into different aspects:

  1. PUE close to 1.00
  2. CAPEX reduction of around 30%.
  3. By having a much more stable environment, maintenance and operations are reduced to supervision.
  4. 90% reduction in cooling costs.
  5. 10-20% IT cost reduction.
  6. Elimination of sound.
  7. And more…

These are just some of the advantages of immersion cooling

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