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We study every case and finally deliver the best solution for the business based on their specific needs.


Our designs are perfectly suitable to every infrastructures and provide the costumer new alternatives.


Our team are experts in engineering cutting-edge immersion systems, only using products tested to be perfectly suitable.


We can manufacture the equipment do the installation and maintenance to give you an end-to-end solution.


We can manufacture the equipment and do the installation to give you an end to end solution.

Liquid Data center

IT cleaning services

Industrial cleaning


Teimmers liquid IMMERSION COOLING Solutions

We work to give you the best solutions with our systems.

Sustainable & Green

This containerized system can be located everywhere and the fewer costs allow you to reduce the PUE close to 1.02 and almost 0 carbon footprint

Easy to install

We standardize the solution. Even if these systems work in hot climates with high ambient temperatures or any adverse environment, you can use it everywhere.

More density

Immersion cooling system works without the limitations that the actual air cooling systems have. Increasing rack power density to 100 kW.

Flexible & adaptable

A standard system is a key for disruptive technologies and with our tanks, you can use any type of hardware from 19" to 23" servers. It works in an open system.

More performance

Liquid immersion cooling tanks utilize around 40% less electricity versus equal air-cooled systems and CPUs work cooler with 20% more proficient contrasted with air cooling.

Less mainteinance

The solution and liquid protect the hardware from temperatures, dust, vibrations and overheating

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