Liquid Immersion Cooling
for Data Centers

TEIMMERS an immersion cooling company

Representing possibilities for data centers
using liquid immersion cooling systems

Our innovative systems and immersion products can provide you with a new alternative more optimized and efficient for your Data center. Everything is designed for the maximum performance of your servers and adapted to your new or actual infrastructure, disposing, and getting all the technical and technological advantages that we can offer.

Immersion systems bring new opportunities for you to be more efficient, sustainable, and green. Our standardization and experience with the best materials, liquids, or our end-to-end delivery with our immersion with our collaborator’s support.

In TEIMMERS we're experts providing

Liquid immersion
cooling for data centers

We will add complete solutions for your enterprise using our immersion systems tanks in single-phase, 2-phase, or using our cleaning tanks providing more solutions for your needs. 

With us as your technological ally and expert, you will have an easy transition to this cooling technology and solution.

Check out our services and choose our immersion cooling solutions.


Immersion cooling tank Teimmers

Now you can request your TEIMMERS TE-S LINE SAMPLE UNIT

Compatible with immersion cooling for single-phase or two-phase. You can prepare your data center for the next generation cooling system and save on costs

Why Liquid Immersion cooling


lower than 1.05


less cooling costs​


Data center density


than air cooling

TEIMMERS cooling Tanks

Using our immersion cooling tanks technology for single-phase or two-phase​.

Why Liquid Immersion cleaning

Effective in cleaning

greases, oils, waxes, silicones


excellent immersion safety solution

Easy to maintain

stable bath during extended use

Add liquid immersion cooling systems
for your data centers

At Teimmers, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and effective immersion cooling solutions for your projects, installations, infrastructure, and organization. We understand the unique needs of each client and work closely with you to develop and implement tailored cooling systems that ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and long-term sustainability.

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TE-S line

These modular, facility scale-out solutions based on Teimmers Immersion tanks for Edge and small data centers 

TE-H line

An excellent option for mid- and large-sized data centers. You can customize and standardize this solution according to your needs.

TE-SP line

Flexible unit compatible with a wide range of IT and hardware. Fully configurable to suit any requirement

Add our complete

EDGE data center Solutions

Reduce your OPEX & CAPEX Accelerate your data center infrastructure with plug-and-play solutions and reduce up to 42% on your actual costs. Immersion cooling systems allow you to achieve savings in cooling of more than 90% of the costs you have with air.

This opens up conceivable outcomes to coordinate IT to address the worldwide requirement for energy proficiency, efficiency, and sustainability.

Teimmers data center
Containerized Solution


Different sizes available for any location with cutting edge liquid cooling techniques abd solution.
Fully prepared.

An icon of a cloud storage arrow pointing up, integrated with immersion cooling technology for data centers.

Ready for
data centers

Fully prepared to provide Edge solutions with immersion cooling technology and prepared IT.

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