The next immersion cooling battery technology generation

liquid immersed energy storage

Immersion cooling for batteries

A perfect solution for energy storage can be found in our liquid immersive solutions

Lithium Ion has the most powerful thickness of any battery-powered battery science. It is extremely light weight and offers extraordinary cycle life which makes it the best item for some new plan arrangements.

Since Lithium Ion cells have a high energy thickness, Teimmers takes the most extreme consideration to guarantee that all batteries fulfill the most noteworthy to work into our liquid immersive technology.

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Data centers

Our immersion cooling batteries can be installed in data centers with our immersion cooling tanks for Servers.

Solar plant

battery  energy storage power station that uses a group of batteries to store electrical energy .                             

Tele & Communications

Ideal for remote stations. Our solution can be flexible and adapted for any environment 

Factory battery storage

Ready to install in your factory. You will decide the place. Our sistems doesn’t requiere any  building requierement.

Delivering immersive solutions

Everything is adapted for and prepared for the better performance using our liquid immersion cooling solutions


  • Extends the battery’s life

  • In the event of a thermal runaway, there will be no fire propagation

  • Performance of heat transfer improved

  • Less Costs

  • Better pack temperature uniformity

Use our Lithium battery immersive cooling tehcnology

Liquid Immersed energy storage


In TEIMMERS, the best experts in battery design and thermal management work together to extend the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

Overview solutions


Centralized monitoring immersed battery storage

Secure & Safe

The ingnition in our liquid immersion solutions are unattainable

No Runaways

We have completely secured our system against thermal runaways


Our solution can be emplaced in extreme environmental condition

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