Benefits to use
immersion cooling

for crypto mining industry

Benefits to use

Liquid Immersion
cooling systems

By immersing the mining equipment in a liquid, immersion cooling technology allows you to remove heat from the mining equipment with the most efficient way better than air cooling.


Immersion cooling technology makes overclocking permanent. This maintains thermal loads and prevents ASICs from overheating.

Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware improve 40% to 60% more hashrate.



No moving parts, no dust particles, no vibrations, less thermal and mechanical server stress. This increase the miners life span up to 4 years and it traduces to more profit with the same investment. 



The high density that you can achieve, you can have more in less space.  Less operative cost. The enclosure systems allow you to save time and spend less hours in the IT. 


The solution

immersion cooling tanks

Immersion cooling solutions are ready to install. Only the complete systems allow you to take the immersion cooling advantages and benefits.

Benefits to use immersion cooling
for crypto mining

There is an extensive list of advantages and benefits to use immersion cooling systems.  This technology  one of the solutions for mining farms for small and large by using immersion there are you will recude your costs, increase energy efficiency and minimize the impact of environmental factors such as temperature and vibrations.

Air cooling in crypto mining

 This dust remains inevitable in this type
of operations 24x7 and this dust produce
static electricity which damage the

 These continuous vibrations stress the
boards and fail more often and it's
common the completely failure of the

 In air there are the limitations of the air
and the temperature and you can no add
different miners together or in a mid or
small place.

 The cooling requirements and the heat
produced by miners can not be
compatible in long term with the miners
but with liquid immersion cooling does.

 The miners fans are very noisy and you
can not work and operate with them
easily One ASIC, for example, generates
75 dB.

 Higher cost in cooling, maintenance,
cleaning and continuously miners repair.
The building needs to be ready and it can
not be placed in specific countries.

 High external temperatures lead to the
performance reduction. This requires
additional cooling system, which means
extra costs on its implementation.

7 great reasons to move to immersion cooling

The equipment utilized for mining has a little physical impression, which implies diggers can pack a ton of force into a solitary rack of units. Nonetheless, GPUs and ASICs devour immense measures of force, and keeping in mind that productivity is expanding with new chip cycles, the general force utilization isn’t diminishing. That implies the force thickness required for this equipment can be very high, particularly when you factor in the extra force cost of keeping the equipment cool.


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