Teimmers cooling solutions

Liquid Immersion cooling systems

For data center industry

Our technologies

We had different

Our company offers single-phase and two-phase solutions based on each client’s requirements. The services and solutions we offer can be integrated anywhere in the world.



Our solutions are
efficient and sustainable

Flexiblle & adaptable

Flexiblle & adaptable

A standard system is our key and with our process and products, you can use any type of hardware. Different units are available.

Easy to install

Easy to install

Our solutions can be used in any climate. They can be used anywhere. Preensabled products and solutions. Our team can also do it for you.

Sustainable & Green

Sustainable & Green

The solution can be located everywhere and the efficiency allows you to reduce the PUE and reduce the carbon footprint.

More Density

More Density

Liquid immersion cooling can increase the power density by more than 100K per rack when is compared to air cooling

Benefits to use TEIMMERS cooling solutions

Ready to help you

Our products are designed and engineered by our designers and engineers based on different options. 

Contains all elements and accessories that are required for normal operation.

Know our Immersion cooling Solutions


What TEIMMERS can do for you

Immersion cooling tanks

We produce single-phase and two-phase liquid cooling tanks for different industries.

IT & hardware equipment

We offer servers and equipment ready for liquid cooling.

Consulting services

We advise and provide you with liquid cooling experts for your company.


We are here to help your business

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