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liquid immersion cooling solutions

With us, you can achieve an unprecedented level of sustainability and efficiency that can only be achieved with immersion cooling. Using our immersion technology services, you will have our entire team available to help you.

We Represent Possibilities & sustainable outcomes

Welcome to Teimmers, your immersion solutions provider. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best solutions for your needs, with a focus on honesty, dedication and compromise. Founded in 2015 by MarcGG, Teimmers has come a long way from its beginnings in the Netherlands. When MarcGG first started out, his passion for cooling systems drove them to do tons of research, so that Teimmers can offer you and of “the world’s most advanced cooling solutions”. We now serve customers all over the world, and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion to solve your needs and give to you solutions.


CEO  & Founder 

Our Mission

We need new technologies to improve our world. One of the most important that Teimmers can offer to protect the natural world is to create & develops new solutions or adapt the existing ones to improve sustainability, reduce the carbon footprint and be more efficient and help all the companies with the same goals.

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

We are a company that has the value to deliver sustainable products and solutions for a better world. 

We believe great service and value are the keys for your business, so we build products and solutions, that help companies to deliver outstanding customers, providing them with simple products and the proper solutions for their needs.

Highly Qualified Staff

Experts in liquid immersion cooling.

24x7 Service Available

We can work remotly.

Emergency Services

We have emergency services and partners to work as quickly as possible.

Up front prices

We guarantee the best prices always being transparent.

Teimmers Liquid Immersion cooling systems
Teimmers Liquid Immersion cooling systems
Teimmers Liquid Immersion cooling systems

We have participated in

The COP25 had as objective to raise ambition to go beyond the targets in the Paris Agreement — which set out to keep global warming to below 2 ºC — and insist on the need to move toward climate and energy scenarios that ensure that this increase stays below 1.5 ºC.

Teimmers Liquid Immersion cooling systems

Collaborate and develop
with us

Teimmers Liquid Immersion cooling systems

Marc Garcia Guasch

CEO and founder

has a department for the development of liquid solutions for data centers,  we provide solutions for crypto mining industry and immersed energy storage using our immersion cooling tanks  We can help you develop, design, and build solutions adapted to your requirements and needs.

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