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We supply high-efficiency immersion cooling solutions for data centers, crypto mining, and other industries. We manufacture in Europe, Latin America, and the United States to meet your needs locally.

Immersion cooling tanks
Manufacturing Locations

With manufacturing facilities strategically located across North America, Latin America, and Europe, we’re committed to reducing shipping costs and offering tangible, local warranty support for our immersion cooling tanks. Each location is staffed with specialized teams who possess the technical knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right support and ensure the highest operational efficiency for your equipment


Our presence in Europe enables us to deliver quality immersion cooling tanks , solutions other services, without any limitations or boundaries


We extensively cover North America, offering immersion cooling tanks, services, and comprehensive solutions without geographical limitations.


In Latin America, we provide superior products, seamless services, and comprehensive solutions, ensuring no boundaries in our offerings

Single phase immersion cooling tank

We're a global provider of single-phase immersion cooling tanks, with facilities across North America, Latin America, and Europe. This international presence allows us to minimize shipping costs and provide tangible local warranty support.

A person is working on an electrical panel in a data center equipped with an immersion cooling tank.

Single loop

No Heat exchanger 


1. Heat exchanger 

Our tank design process

Project Specs

How many units do we need to fit inside the tanks and how many liters do we need to fill them.


Check and average ambient temperatures and anual whether conditions.

Heat Rejection

External conditions, remote location, defined temperatures to size the system.


All the information and the project in detailed resume from project specs to heat rejection.

Immersion cooling tanks

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We offer flexible financing options with our “Pay-As-You-Go” plan, allowing you to invest in your infrastructure in a cost-effective way.

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Our experts will evaluate your requirements and provide a solution that aligns with your specific operational needs.
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