Immersion Cooling As A Downtime Solution

Liquid immersion cooling can be downtime solution?

It’s time to improve the infrastructures and the systems to prevent and reduce the downtime and the issues that can be generated.

The market standards push to invest more money and increase the complexity of all the systems, but solutions that can reduce potential problems are needed. It is easier to prevent future risks and improve the performance by simplifying systems applying immersion cooling what this technology does…
-Minimize IT installation
-Reduce the infrastructure complexity
-Reduce maintenance costs
-Reduce infrastructure costs

Immersion cooling integration can be a challenge for the companies and how they approach it.
Although it is true that the main concern of investors and business clients will continue to be to obtain a constant service without cuts or interruptions in services.

According to our opinion, more simple, equally effective systems will greatly reduce human errors and technical failures.

There is no clear answer to the question, but it can be a technology that helps prevent interruptions in data centers. It almost completely eliminates fire, and possible cooling failures and stabilizes electrical consumption, creating a much more favorable and less aggressive environment for IT.

Quantifying the potential economic impact costs will depend on each data center and their cost structure. Taking into account that the time has to be as short as possible in order to minimize the economic impact, the interruptions have to be solved as soon as possible, as reported by uptime, most of the interruptions and inactivity are caused by electrical equipment, especially in UPS power systems. 

With all that, immersion cooling systems can help reduce downtime interruption, but they are not the only elements that can help stop and reduce risks in activity times. While overprotecting some equipment represents more investment, it is still a security countermeasure to avoid possible technical failures.

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